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Father's Day

Fassungsdetails: Blu-ray

Label: Troma
Release:18.08.2012 (Verkauf)
Cover-Freigabe: Not rated
Limitierung:5000 Stück
Index: Liste A (Jugendgefährdung) (30.06.2015)

Director's Cut (Blu-ray)

Diese Version ist ungekürzt.
Freigabe des Films:Not rated
Laufzeit:98:45 min. (94:45 min. o.A.)
Bildformat:1,78:1 (MPEG-2,1080p)
Farbe oder s/w:in Farbe
Tonformat:englisch Dolby Digital 2.0

Version 2 (DVD)

Diese Version ist ungekürzt.
Freigabe des Films:Not rated
Laufzeit:98:38 min. (94:38 min. o.A.)

Weitere Informationen:

4 Disc Amaray im Schuber (O-Ring)

Disc 1: Film Blu-Ray

Disc 2: Film DVD

Disc 3: Bonus DVD

Disc 4: Soundtrack CD


The Blu-ray disc (Disc 1) containing the main feature in high definition also has:

  • Theatrical Trailer (HD; 2:28)

The first DVD (Disc 2) containing the main feature in standard definition also contains:

    • Theatrical Trailer (SD; 2:28)


  • Deleted Scenes, consisting of "Artie and Mary" (SD; 00:47) and "The Kiss" (SD; 00:49).

The second DVD (Disc 3) features the bulk of the supplementary material:

    • Lloyd Kaufman Introduction at Comic-Con (SD; 1;45) starts automatically when you boot the DVD. Pressing the Top Menu button will access other features, or you can just let it play out at which point the Main Menu becomes accessible.


    • Deleted Scenes are repeated on this disc as well for some reason.


    • Original Father's Day Foreskin (SD; 1:08)


    • Original Father's Day Extended Foreskin (SD; 3:44)


    • Animated Foreskin (SD; 00:42)


    • TV Foreskin (SD; 00:30)


    • Behind the Scenes Slideshow (SD; 4:30)


    • Make Your Own Damn Fuchman (SD; 4:42) features Chris Kostanski and McKenzie Murdoch giving a makeup demonstration.


    • Make Your Own Damn Tire Iron (SD; 1:40) features Adam Brooks fabricating a prop.


    • Roll Out the Blood Carpet: Father's Day Premiere Nights (SD; 16:14)


    • Troma & Astron-6 Charm Festival of Fear (SD; 4:48) is a Q&A at Toronto.


    • Create Your Own Damn Award Winning Movie Poster The Dude Designs Way (SD; 3:25) is a kind of funnyfaux retro featurette on poster design.


    • Super Tromette Elena Recreates the Low Life (SD; 1:16) is a bunch of nude shots.


    • Father's Day Article at Rue Morgue Magazine (SD; 2:25) is largely illegible—have your pause button handy.


    • Babies the Fathers Gave Birth to Before Birthing Father's Day includes "Lazer Ghosts" (SD; 9:19) and "Cool Guys" (SD; 28:42).


    • Patricide Honor Roll contains trailers for other Troma releases.


    • Make Your Own Damn Green Screen! (A Lesson by Lloyd Kaufman) (SD; 16:01) shows a bunch of green screen sequences being filmed in Buffalo, New York.


    • How the Director Sells His Own Damn Movie (SD; 5:12) is an interview with James Gunn.


    • Radiation March (SD; 00:54) is a bizarre little dance piece.


  • Interview with South Park's Matt Stone (SD; 25:52).
  • CD Sampler of songs from the film's soundtrack.